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Last Thursday night during my wind down period I found myself doing my last nightly scan of twitter. (Thomas Larock | @SQLRockstar) tweeted about SQLHelp community within Google +. I do love twitter, but the 140 character limit can be very limiting. I have avoided Google + up to this point not wanting to have another distraction keeping me from my lovely wife Missy. Watching television shows like project runway and housewives of …. is always the highlight of my evening {sarcasm}. It only took a couple of minutes and I had another user account and password to keep track of. In the last 4 days of use I have been able to provide some insight as well as receive some great feedback within the Google + SQLHelp community. Last check the community was up to 117 members and I foresee this number growing quickly. Many subgroups have been added to the SQLHelp community like SSIS Help, SQL Help and Vendor Tools to name a few. This is a community I am happy to be a part of and it is another avenue for all of us to share our diverse knowledge base. Please come in and join us and be sure to thank Thomas for not losing hope and brining this Google + community to us.

It is also important to mention that Thomas has created a couple of other communities for us. The Fathers in Technology community is open and ready for business. We have had some great suggestions and discussions in the last couple of days. Even if you are not a Father in Technology come visit, read our thoughts and even share your thoughts. As a Father In technology I am always open to great discussions. Fathers In Technology has a couple of subgroups such as How to unplug for your kids and Working from home that may be of interest to many of you. Since many of us pay the bills and support SQL Server 2000 the Community group SQL 2000 Must DIAF has also been created by Thomas. This is a great place to have fun with, post our frustrations and help SQL Server 2000 DIAF (Die in a Fire). With the stress this job can provide us it is fun to poke back at it.

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