PASS 2016 Elections Why I voted for Jason Strate

Posted: October 10, 2016 in Personal Experiences

At noon tomorrow October 11th (PST), voting for the PASS Board of Directors closes. As members of the organization we are tasked with choosing leaders that we think will positively impact PASS. All 6 candidates are excellent and have been vetted by the nomination committee. Please keep in mind that this is an opinion blog. I have placed my vote, have you?

One candidate that meets my qualifications and stands out for a US/Canada & Open opening is Jason Strate.  With the hours ticking down, I thought I would share with you why I would like Jason to a member of the PASS board of directors.

I was first introduced to Jason via his Blog. The amount of and depth of his blog material has been a tool belt over the years. His Blog continues to provide me information on all aspects of SQL Server as well how to conduct my daily activities. His dedication to sharing his knowledge is a key part of the SQL Server community in my opinion.

I then had the privilege to work with Jason at Pragmatic Works where he played the key role of Architect. Jason and I were on a project together that was challenging and provided us with many opportunities. During this time together I saw Jason take lead roles, provide clear direction, and take on challenges most would shy away from. Jason played a large role in helping me adjust to the role of a consultant. There were many things that made him successful at Pragmatic Works, however, I think his strong communication and organization are what made him stand out amongst his peers.

From a work ethic perspective, Jason is solid! I really can’t say more than that.

Without getting wordy and long winded, Jason is a loyal and good friend. Qualities that I look for in a person I would like to work with, follow, and go to bat for. PASS will always provide challenges to its board due in part to the size and the number of varying opinions. The qualities I see in Jason as a friend are the qualities I would want at the helm of PASS. Jason is also a stellar family man. He is a proud father, a great husband, and a friend to his kids. He is always there for them. Also a quality I like to see in a leader. He is also a very gracious person. He and I play video games into the wee hours of the morning. During these gaming sessions, he has allowed my son to play and join in the reindeer games. He is much younger than both of us; however, Jason allows him to be a kid during our gaming sessions. This quality of patience is also a quality I like to see in a leader.

I respect all 6 candidates (many friends) running for the PASS board of directors. To volunteer for this position takes a very dedicated person and each member running I believe is dedicated to us the members of PASS.  That being said …



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