SQL Saturday Jacksonville – Post Event Follow-up

Posted: May 11, 2016 in Uncategorized

First off I would like to thank all of the sponsors, volunteers, and coordinators of SQL Saturday Jacksonville. It was very well run and overall a great experience. I also want to give huge thanks to all of the attendees, without you coming on a beautiful Saturday, we would have had an event of just speakers. That would have proved to be interesting. To all the new folks I me,t you all are awesome and I look forward to meeting up again in the future.

I was excited to share my presentation More than Just a basic Database Backup and Recovery with the group. Overall the presentation went well. I thought my cadence was good and you the attendees were attentive when I was speaking. But, yes there is a but for this one.  As I moved forward with the presentation I realized my timings were off. I moved into my demos and the first couple went well. However 50% of the way into my demos I noticed that I had not reset my environment. This did throw some kinks into my presentation, as well as, my demos. I was able to cover some really cool stuff; however, I did not get to the real nuts and bolts of the recoveries. Part of my goal was to show you how to do partial and piecemeal recoveries. Unfortunately time got away from us on Saturday morning. I had done this presentation prior to this but I did not tweak and account for the 60 minutes we had on Saturday.

I received good reviews on the topic and the material that was covered. I also received excellent feedback that provided insight into how the session could have gone better. I have taken this feedback to heart and will be tweaking this presentation for future events.

Provided is a link to a Webinar in which I cover all the topics of the slide deck.


Take a ways from this session:

  • Add to my checklist to reset my demo environment before each session (I have already put these measures into place. Not sure what it wasn’t there from the beginning. )
  • I need to watch my timings. I like to talk and sometimes I can’t get out of my own way…


  • There was a great question with regard to differential backups and how the differential change map behaves when SQL Server decides it would be more beneficial to do a full backup. I plan on doing a blog post on this to show what happens.
  • Prep this session for SQL Saturday Atlanta

As always thank you for reading and hanging out with me and if you have any questions please reach out to me.

Your @DBABulldog



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